Michael Joseph, Owner
Michael has 40+ years of corporate and entrepeneurial business experience in production, design and graphics. He founded Web Wizard in 1996 to encourage the business community to embrace the Internet. Michael uses his many skills and resources to motivate and encourage the Web Wizard team. Additionally, he is a 'hands on' practitioner writing code for websites and overseeing the general development of each website.

ASP Programer
When required, we use specialty programmers certified in Visual Basic 5, 6, ASP, HTML and other high order programming languages.

Our expert programmers are fluent in win client-server and n-tier Visual Basic application development and ActiveX Controls. They are expert in developing dynamic web pages using HTML, DHTML, CSS, Active Server Pages (ASP), Visual Basic Script and Java Script. Additionally, they are expert in integrating relational database management systems with applications and web pages using Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 & 7.0 and Acess 97 & 2000.

Creative Director
Our industrial projects are supervised by a Creative Director whose 'designer's eye' and 'get-it-done' attitude reflect many years in graphic design skills. The Director has a sixth sense for web design that works. Always, Web Wizard's clients get high-quality work completed quickly and at a reasonable cost.

Art Director
When our customers require special art presentation for their websites, we employ dedicated art directors to bring that corporate look and feel necessary to properly represent the company image. We also can develop a logo and/or new corporate look for our customers.

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